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Testimonials for Zero Balancing

"I feel like I've just been on holiday - two weeks of relaxation in half an hour."

Martin, Norwich

"I admit to having been sceptical when I decided to try Zero Balancing. Being in my late 70 s, with a history of arthritis, I found walking down stairs difficult. After three visits to Joe, I am back to walking downstairs as I did years ago. Even when I have no physical problems, I look forward to a session as I leave feeling completely relaxed."

Di, Norwich

"I have a medical condition, polymyalgia, which caused constant pain in my arms and legs, and very restricted movement in my neck. After several sessions of ZB with Joe I had complete movement back, and the pain is now so much reduced that I am off steroids altogether. I am so glad I found zero balancing. I find the sessions so relaxing. I am now a calmer and happier person."

Helen Thurtle, Norwich

“With regular Zero balancing I found myself naturally expressing my emotions, where previously I had always bottled them up. It also had the curious side effect of weight loss, which was very nice!"

Fiona, Norwich

"For me ZB is as much about pain relief as well being. Arthritis and lower back trauma mean that most nights sleep eludes me. After a treatment with Joe, I'm able to sleep the night through, sometimes for up to a week or more."

Kitty, Norwich

“Events from the past came back vividly and after a couple of days gently dissolved. I now experience a growing sense of inner peace and lightness.”

Margaret Blackman, St Albans

“The releasing of long-held-onto psychological baggage can be a long, arduous and painful process. Or it can be a completely gorgeous and sensual treat where you just lie back and feel lovely for 40 minutes. Hmmm, now what shall I spend my money on – years of therapy or Joe's golden touch? Tricky one.”

Caroline Cadenza, London

“My sessions of Zero Balancing with Joe have enormously enhanced my sense of well being on all levels. I consider it a most sound and sensitive mode of bodywork, which reaches one at a deep but safe and unobtrusive level. It could combine most effectively with therapy or counselling.”

Jill Hall - Psychotherapist, Norwich

“I used to struggle with transcendental meditation – persevering because occasionally by “fluke”, it was deeply relaxing. With Zero Balancing, within moments I enter a profoundly relaxed and meditative state – every time - without doing anything! The best way I can describe Zero Balancing is that it's like being meditated.”

Laura, London
What The Papers Say about Zero Balancing
Zero Balancing: reclaim your body’s natural balance (with ZB practitioner, Jeff Lennard)

Daily Telegraph, 19th October 2009