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Zero Balancing

What is Zero Balancing?

This non-invasive, yet powerful system of bodywork was developed in the 1970’s by Dr Fritz Smith MD, an inspired medical doctor, osteopath and acupuncturist. The recipient lies down, clothed, in a relaxed position. Using finger pressure and held stretches into key areas of the body, the practitioner allows tension around the bones and joints to be released. It feels good and it is normal to fall into a deep state of relaxation. As well as helping the body to heal from physical injury, letting go of bone-deep tension at this core level addresses the underlying cause of a wide variety of stress-related conditions. These range from physical symptoms such as tiredness or low energy, headaches, body pain or frozen shoulder, to more overtly emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, past trauma or regaining a lost spark for life. In an increasingly virtual world, where we have become more and more disconnected from our bodies and prone to living in our heads, Zero Balancing helps us regain a sense of being embodied again, and give rise to our energy. It is common to re-discover a lightness of being, free from the stress of incessant thinking, that is our natural birthright. This experience can lead to an ability to relate to our issues with more clarity and perspective, making it for some people an ideal complement to talking therapy. You can find more information about Zero Balancing at www.zerobalancing-norwich.co.uk.