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Self Development Groups

These groups aim to provide a safe, authentic space in which you can be yourself, knowing that you will be fully accepted, however you are.

The very discovery of how you are experienced by others can illuminate out-dated beliefs that you hold about yourself, and other ways in which you keep yourself stuck or compromise your well-being. It can be at times challenging, but more often very affirming and such a relief to hear how others actually perceive you. This awareness can be a powerful antidote to the habitual negative beliefs that could be holding you back in your life.

Witnessing others being themselves can also bring valuable insights, since it is often easier to see things in others before we can recognise and accept them in ourselves. This kind of group provides an opportunity to explore how you might be blocking yourself in your life and relationships. Through this process you may discover new and more fulfilling ways of being.

I run these groups in central Norwich. The format I usually use consists of two weekday evenings and one full Saturday, but I sometimes work with other structures. If you are an individual wanting to take part, or have an existing group of people in mind that you would like me to facilitate, please get in touch.

Members Of Support Group Sitting In Chairs Having Meeting