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Individual Therapy

Everyone experiences difficulty at one time or another. Whether you are dealing with a major life event, suffering anxiety or depression, or simply experiencing that something is not working in your life, this is an opportunity for you to step out of your everyday roles and usual ways of thinking, and bring non-judgmental awareness to yourself, in order to get to the root of what is troubling you or holding you back in your life.

My first aim is to provide a safe, clear, authentic space in which you can be yourself in the knowledge that you will be fully accepted, however you are. It is surprising how this experience alone can awaken your energy and put you in touch with your resources. Allowing yourself to simply be as you are like this frees you up from habitual ways of being which no longer serve you, and allows new parts of yourself to emerge.

As we talk over the issues you bring, we might pay particular attention to what is going on in your body, as well as your thoughts and emotions. Exploring yourself in this way can illuminate out-dated, negative beliefs that you hold about yourself, and shed light on other ways in which you keep yourself stuck and inhibit your well-being. It can be very affirming and such a relief to realise that you no longer need to do so.

Through this fresh perspective insights arise, awakening you to new possibilities. You may find that your energy returns, that your experience is transformed into something more manageable and workable, as you begin to see new and more fulfilling ways forward in your life.