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Active Meditations

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Active meditations were first developed in the East as a direct and fast method of releasing tension and withheld emotions from the body. Traditionally they have been used as a preparation for silent meditation practice, but they are perhaps even more relevant today here in the West, where the way we live leads to more blocking of our energy and emotions than ever. This makes it difficult to still the mind and be in touch with ourselves at all, often making true well-being an elusive experience.

Each of these meditations lasts forty five minutes or an hour, is done to evocative music, and involves several stages of physical movement, such as shaking, altered breathing, rhythmic body movements and free movement. It then ends with silence and stillness. Each stage and sequence has been carefully designed to help us let go where we are blocked, without forcing in any way, allowing us to experience ourselves more fully. This clears the way for our energy and vitality to return. We are put in touch with our aliveness and well being again. It is surprising how this active process also centres and grounds us, and helps to clear the mind as well as the body, often giving rise to important new insights about ourselves.

Active meditations can be done alone, and are even more effective if done with others. They are essentially an individual experience and are usually carried out with the eyes closed throughout. We will do these meditations as a group, and at the end there will be the opportunity to share your experiences with the other members of the group if you wish to. The meditations can be an important part of therapy, and are just as relevant for people who are not undergoing therapy, but who wish to let go of stress and tension and live more fully.

Thursday evenings, monthly: 6 to 7.30pm in central Norwich, £8. Forthcoming dates: please enquire. Advance booking is necessary. Please avoid eating just beforehand, and wear loose, light, comfortable clothing.