I found Joe's self development group to be lively, friendly and supportive.  I was able to explore and discover truth and clarity in myself and others.  I felt free to express feelings I wouldn't normally express.  The experience was therefore liberating and fascinating.  Joe helps to hold the group with warmth and confidence and provides a safe atmosphere in which to really be yourself.
Bryony - Attleborough, Norfolk

As a group facilitator Joe is able to not only create and hold a space where members can feel safe enough to be vulnerable, but equally importantly, where real and unbridled encounter is a distinct possibility.
Charlotte - Dereham, Norwich

“Joe created a space where I felt able to be free and more fully myself, and as a result of this drop into deeper states of being. It was a real tonic for my soul and reached the parts that many other self development courses cannot reach!”
Andy - Loddon, Norfolk